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Request a tour for a behind the scenes look at how Windrose Urban Farm mushrooms and loofah sponges are grown! Also learn about the Windrose Learning culture, our mission, try product samples (if available), and hear about our future plans! Request a tour


Donate Donation Goal Progress 0% 2019 Challenge: Help us raise $50,000 to continue to grow our urban farm! Wide Open (cool) Spaces Install an AC unit in the Windrose Urban tent. Cost: $24,000 New Crops! Provide money to allow us to establish a new urban crop. Cost: $26,000 Windrose is always appreciative of those who … Read moreDonate


Summer Youth Employment Program work opportunities for motivated young adults   The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) provides Indiana youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with paid summer employment for up to six weeks in July and August. Participants work in entry-level jobs in a variety of industries, including: ·         Arts and Recreation ·         Educational Services … Read moreSYEP

Urban Farm

About Us EMPOWERING PEOPLE   Located in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, Windrose Urban Farm started as a means to employ individuals with disabilities. Our singular focus is to provide employment opportunities for individuals living with special needs in our community while growing high-quality food and garden products … providing great-tasting and organic mushrooms to … Read moreUrban Farm


About Windrose Learning Windrose Learning is a Fort Wayne–based nonprofit organization focused on developing innovative programs offering career training and mentorship to disadvantaged young adults in our community. Our programs explore new, ever-evolving ways to engage and positively impact our students while helping them build and translate their skills toward personal, community and economic success. … Read moreWindrose